SURGILANE INSTRUMENTS is the leading manufacturing and export company in Pakistan. The company has evolved in surgical industry and has promised itself to stay up to the mark in quality and services for our clientele.

Our Mission

SURGILANE's mission is to deliver safe, effective, and innovative surgical instruments & technologies to our clients.

Scope of Specialities

We recognize the challenges of medical procedures and meet those challenges by working directly with physicians, operating room personnel, and partnering with other companies.

SURGILANE products are used across several specialties in medical, including neurosurgery, general surgery, oral surgery / dentistry, orthopedic surgery, otolaryngology, pediatric surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, trauma, vascular surgery, veterinary medicine, and beautician & cosmetician industry.

Global Reach

SURGILANE has established a global presence across 6 continents. SURGILANE's manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters is based in Sialkot, Pakistan and offices in Dubai UAE. All SURGILANE products are made in the Pakistan.

It is always in our mind to be a reliable business partner of our associates both at home and worldwide. So, the commitment to our manufacturing quality and quality of services, based on our continuous monitoring at manufacturing process and making sure the quality of services with international standards. By keeping both of our standards at top-notch, we offer very competitive prices.

Our Commitment

The Commitment to excellence has allowed us to establish our customer bases in vital surgical hubs of the world like United States of America, Europe and Asia. Our customers are extremely happy with our product quality and services we offer.

The traditional skills and modern day knowledge of our experts enable us to manufacture surgical instruments that set a class apart, tailored to meet the changing demands of modern medical surgery. We offer prompt and dedicated services to our customers, emphasizing on quality and cost-effectiveness in order to deliver products in budget and on time.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to share our knowledge and experience with our customers and give them all the professional assistance if they want. We at SURGILANE believe a highly qualified staff builds trust in a company. With a constant and steady growth the company now has a good workforce of employees and contractors.

Our Core Values

  • to achieve excellence, achievement, and results
  • to improve teamwork, to help and empower each other
  • to create and work in mutual respectful environment
  • to help improve the overall health quality and care for humanity
  • to to recognize our shared accountability and shared business objectives, including celebrating our shared success, and willingness to learn from failure

Manufacturing Excellence

SURGILANE strives for definitive product quality and manufacturing excellence with a Six Sigma quality target of less or equal to 4.4 defects per million items.

Achieving this goal begins at product design, which must be intuitively creative to meet surgical needs. The cornerstone of SURGILANE's production, rests upon precision, manufacturing equipment and processes, that employ innovative assembly techniques.